DuVon Winery Chenin Blanc

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Chenin Blanc with tropical guava, pineapple aromas. The Chenin Blanc grapes where hand selected and harvested during harvest time to ensure that only the best grapes were picked for optimal ripeness and flavors.

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DuVon is situated near Robertson in the De Goree district that forms part of the Valley of Wine and Roses. The name DuVon symbolizes the merging of the two sole co-owners: Armand Hercolaas Du Toit, winemaker, and his uncle, Alex Karl Von Klopmann, professional engineer and farmer.

Armand acquired a passion for winemaking from his parents, Ida and Jacques du Toit, who were fruit and wine growers. Together with his uncle Alex, he set about restoring the cellar at DuVon, which dates back to 1940. Proof of his passion for winemaking is the fact that Armand began making wine at the age of 19.

Armand and Alex, sharing a commitment to producing noble wines, will continue to produce excellent wines for years to come, driven by an ambition to pay tribute to their family legacy.

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