Our History

Crafting Excellence: A Journey Through the Legacy of Branwar Wines

Founded in 2010, Branwar Wines is a premiere distributor of South African and international wines within the southern United States. Assigned to lead a Cape Town-based development project during his tenure as an executive at Southwestern Bell, Wayne Luckett, Founder and CEO of Branwar, quickly fell in love with the Red Bordeaux Blends and Chenin Blancs that were thoughtfully presented at dinners with clients and colleagues. But it wasn’t just the flavor profile that impressed him – it was the artisan culture that turned the taste into an experience.
After introducing friends, family and business associates in the U.S. to the exquisite Pinotage, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet and Bordeaux wines that he brought home with him, the collection of wine he thought would last years was depleted in months. Sensing an opportunity to connect both connoisseurs and the average consumer to quality products from a burgeoning wine capital, Luckett partnered with an artisanal South African wine producer to create a distribution network that quickly filled a niche in Western markets. While the large distributors were focused primarily on European and Californian-based wines, Branwar was offering high-quality blends from a previously overlooked region, enabling businesses to diversify their offerings in an increasingly connected global environment.
In many ways, Branwar has thrived because of Wayne’s principled belief in the value of relationships. Now working alongside his son, Warren, a Wall Street veteran, the two Lucketts have cultivated a bi-continental, intergenerational network of business partners and key decision makers spanning regions and industries. This was what allowed their small, unknown company to enter the U.S. market with highly coveted placements at some of Houston’s most elite restaurants, including Tony’s, Eddie V’s, Del Frisco’s, Masraff’s, Willie G’s, Seasons 52, Capital Grille, Peli Peli, Holley’s, Ibiza, Davis St. and Lucille’s. Additional placements were also secured in boutique bars and wine shops like Cody’s, Liebman’s and Phoenicia’s, along with the chain retailer, Specs.

As Branwar continues to seize on the opportunities presented by a global change in consumer activities, it will require a commensurate level of investment in its long-term success. Now more than ever, people are looking to have top tier experiences in ways that they can conveniently access. Considering its successful track record of connecting people through wine, Branwar is uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality wine experiences for consumers in restaurants, bars and at home.