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Client Cantina Sociale di Casorzo

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Malvasia is a pleasant, sweet wine. It is low in alcohol content and can be enjoyed at any time of day. Made exclusively from grapes grown in the hilltop vineyards of Casorzo and the neighboring villages, it is the pride and prestige of the area. It has always been the star wine of all local festivals. It is ideal with desserts and in fruit salads. Malvasia is a comfort wine for all seasons and reasons. The aroma is evocative of roses. Malvasia is a pleasantly rich, aromatic wine.

Ruby-red, vibrant, slightly frothy. Characteristic rosy fragrance and sweet and pleasantly aromatic. Pairs well with desserts, fruit salads, as an aperitif, a drink for any party occasion.


Cantina Sociale di Casorzo was established by a group of local winemakers in 1951. Witnessing a widespread exodus with so many young people abandoning the countryside for the city, the founders chose instead to join their forces, and combine their resources and experience in an enterprise aiming at the preservation of local winemaking heritage and traditions.

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