The Launch

September 11, 2010

The Launch- September 11, 2010

Wayne Luckett developed an affinity for South African wines during his five year residency in Johannesburg, South Africa. After returning home, he wanted to continue his enjoyment of select South African wines. Realizing there was a void in the Texas wine industry, he set out to offer one of the Western Cape’s best kept secrets.

He and his son Warren Luckett established Branwar Wine Distributing Co. They celebrated the launch of their wines with over 100 guests at the Vineyard on the Square in Sugarland, TX. Spotted in the mix were Patricia Lockett, Cleave and Doris Broome, Cortnee Brathwaite, Meagan Greenhouse, Almez Bekele, Terri Brathwaite, Horace Payne, Monique Shankle, Leslie Smith, Vernita Harris, Denise Duvernay, Sanya Santee, Dr. Samuel Pegram, Howard Ledet, Johnny Spiller, Donna Smith and Dr. Wanda Mott, to name a few.

Their wines are now available in many upscale restaurants and wine bars in Houston, San Antonio and Austin. For Branwar’s portfolio of South African wines and a location near you, visit www. Fabulous venture and the best of luck to you!

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