Parmeson Chardonnay

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Client Parmeson Wines

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With enticing aromas of honeysuckle, toast and acacia flower, this Chardonnay is love at first sniff, especially for those that are fans of Chablis. Green apple, lemon, and white peach flavors combine with a slight hint of butter and vanilla to create a complex yet elegant wine. This is a Chardonnay that beckons to be paired with light fare, such as crab, lobster, chicken and white fish.

Wine Maker

“We were very fortunate to get grapes from Josephine Hill, owned by Lee Martinelli Jr., a fourth generation farmer. Our grapes come from two different blocks in the vineyard which each exhibit unique flavors. I can tell when harvest is approaching as one block reminds me of fresh baked apple pie and the other a lemon drop candy. The blend of the two makes a really nice combination.” – Tom Parmeson

Tom has been fine-tuning his winemaking skills since 2005 through practical experience. Mentors that Tom attributes to his success are Clay Mauritson and Emma Kudritzki Hall from Mauritson Winery, and Bill and Betsy Nachbaur at ACORN winery. Tom has completed viticulture and enology courses at Washington State, UC Davis and Grayson College in Texas. He now attends classes at UC Davis and is on his way to completing a Winemaking Certificate.

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