Isolabella della Croce Solìo di Valdiserre

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Client Isolabella della Croce

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This raisined Moscato is a faithful representative of the Loazzolo D.O.C. denomination after which it is named, expressing the range of characteristics for which this ever-so-delicate and infinitely complex variety is known. Its intense straw colour, with noticeable golden highlights, hints at well-balanced sensations confirmed unanimously by the nose and mouth. The range of sensations reach outstanding levels, with distinct aromas of dried fruit, apricots preserved in alcohol, quince and withered yellow flowers.

There is a beguiling, extremely elegant waxy note, born of the raisining and the wine’s glyceric structure. Exceptional balance between its sweetness and acidity is responsible for the wine’s cellaring ability, creating memorable sensations in the mouth. The after-aromas reiterate nuances distinguished in the nose, enhancing its ripe tropical fruit and dried fruit notes. This harmonious wine has a relatively low alcohol content, making it a versatile companion for a wide range of foods.

Wine Maker

Giuliano Noè e Giuseppe Rattazzo are the winemakers in the great Piedmont tradition.

  • Silver Medal – 2010 Muscats du Monde International Competition (Best
    Muscats in the World)
  • 2nd – Veronelli (2009)

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