Cascina Gilli Malvasia Spumante

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Client Cascina Gilli

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Our malvasia di Schierano, one of the most intriguing aromatic grape varieties, whose hallmark is a very distinctive combination of crispness and aromatic complexity, yields this unique sparkling wine. The eye is attracted immediately to its mousse, a soft bead of pin-point bubbles, as well as to its appealing purple-tinged, cherry-red hue. The bouquet offers clean-edged wild red forest berry, along with unexpected floral fragrances, which the sensitive nose will recognise as iris and wisteria. Pour it as soon as opened, nicely chilled at 7-8°C. It is the perfect accompaniment to all desserts, in particular to fresh fruit and to petits fours.

  • 3 stars – Vini Buoni d’Italia – Touring Club, 2011
  • 3 grapes – Duemilavini – Associazione Italiana Sommelier, 2011
  • 85/100 – Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani – Luca Maroni, 2007
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