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Client Bodega Carmine Granata

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Carmine Granata, an Italian immigrant, started this winemaking family business in Luján de Cuyo in 1931.The Malbec, Semillón, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon vines are irrigated with melt water coming from the Andes Cordillera. The soil, sun exposure, temperature range and weather conditions make this region the most important winemaking area in Argentina. Both the winery and the vineyards have constantly evolved, incorporating new technology. Refrigeration units, stainless steel tanks, French oak barriques and modern filters are used to make, conserve and finish the wines. The winery has a storage capacity of 70,000 hectoliters, a production capacity of 15,000 hectoliters and a cultivated area of 112 hectares.

In the light has a red plum, clear, good intensity, with no trace of aging. On the palate are typical fruit jams such as cherry, raspberry and gooseberry. Ringtones tertiary sweet chocolate and cocoa. Tannic balance sweet, very well achieved with fermentation (malolactic) who provides dairy complex flavors and aromas that give great softness and smoothness. On the nose sweet white chocolate endures tone and sweet black chocolate. Wine of outstanding features.

Wine Maker

Carmine Granata founded this company basing himself on effort, work, reliability and responsibility as his guiding values.This pioneer of viticulture left his ideals in the hands of his descendants when he died. Today the third generation continues with his work and expands to the world of quality wines.

  • Wine of the Year, World Association of Journalists and Liquor Writers, 2009
  • Winner, International Wine Competition ‘TENDRILS, Argentina, 2008
  • Winner, Terra Mediterranean Wine and Spirits Challenge

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